Cesc Fabregas Lionel Messi And Luis Suárez Relax In Ibiza

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The controversy that surround a recent appearance in Ibiza was brushed to one side as close friends Cesc Fabregas, [/sport/lionelmessi/index.html Lionel Messi] and Luis Suárez joined their wives and children for a day out in the Balearic party island on Monday.
The three footballers relaxed aboard a luxury yacht, just days before they return to pre-season training with their respective clubs - Messi and Suárez with FC Barcelona, Fabregas with French side AS Monaco.  
And with summer temperatures soaring, the group topped up their tans alongside their loved ones as their boat drifted close to the Mediterranean coastline. 
Getting involved: Cesc Fabregas, 32 prepared to go snorkelling in a pair of monochrome swimming shorts during his current stay in Ibiza on Monday 
Going solo: The former Chelsea star was without wife Daniella Semaan (pictured, right) who stayed on the upper deck of their luxury yacht 
Taking advantage of the hot weather, Spanish midfielder Fabregas, 32, stripped down to a pair of monochrome shorts as he prepared to go snorkelling.  
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Pulling on a pair of swimming goggles, the former Chelsea midfielder showed off his muscular physique while preparing for his dip in the ocean.  
Fabregas was without wife Daniella Semaan, who stayed on the upper deck with Antonella Roccuzzo, the wife of Argentine superstar Messi, as he jumped into the water.   
Peachy: The ladies were sure to make the most of the sun traps on the sprawling vessel
Sunny side up: The passengers showed off their golden tans
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Hard to miss: The Lebanese WAG caught the eye in a vibrant orange swimsuit as she topped up her tan on Monday 
Rest and relaxation: Fabregas and his loved ones have accompanied Lionel Messi, Luis Suárez and their respective families  on the party island 
Eye-catching: Daniella was an engaging sight as she joined her fellow WAGS aboard their yacht on Monday 
Revealing: The brunette showed off her tanned cleavage as she admired the sweeping Mediterranean coastline
In good company: Daniella was accompanied by fellow WAG Antonella Roccuzzo, the wife of Argentine superstar Messi
Glamorous: The lovely ladies were perched on the prow of the boat as they made the most of the sunshine 
Cheeky: The footballers and their partners were topping up their tans in the afternoon sun 
The Lebanese WAG ensured she caught the eye in a vibrant orange bikini and stylish floral print wrap as she topped up her tan alongside Antonella. 
With staff on hand to serve food and drinks, the pair were later joined by Messi as they are pizza while enjoying the view from their vantage on on the top deck.  
Meanwhile Suárez, 32, treated oldest daughter Delfina, eight, to a jet-ski ride across the Med while wife Sofia relaxed on the boat's upper deck.  
Let's talk tactics: The pair had plenty to talk about as they reclined on the upper deck 
Ahoy: They enjoyed a dip in the crystalline waters
Dinner is served: They were later joined by Barcelona star Messi, who tucked into a slice of pizza with the two girls 

Getting involved: Daniella helped herself to a slice as staff served  the food 
Toned and trim: Mother of five Daniella has managed to maintain a stunning physique, and it was on show on Monday
Tasteful: Antonella caught the eye in a breezy multi-coloured summer dress and Lionel wore snazzy shorts
This is the life: Daniella stretched out and admired the view from her vantage point on the upper deck 
Grin an bear it: The girls posed for a snap
Pose: They checked the image on the phone, seemingly pleased with the snap
The youngster held onto her father's waist as the Uruguayan international, who sported a pair of colourful Bermuda shorts, guided them across the water. 
With the footballer entertaining their oldest child, wife Sofia Balbi was on hand to distract nine-month old Lautaro. 
The 29-year old was seen cradling the youngster as they stood in the shade, where they were later accompanied by Daniella and her children. 
Well inked: Messi showed off his numerous tattoos while sitting alongside his stunning wife 
Good looking pair: Daniella and Antonella were in understandably high spirits as they enjoyed another day on the Med 
Muscular: Suárez's physique was also on display as he climbed aboard the boat following a dip in the ocean, while Farbegas revealed an athletic body shape after removing his shirt
Imposing presence: Suarez once again revealed his muscular frame after making his way into the cabin 
That's fancy: Daniella sheilded herself beneath a soft pink hat as she relaxed on Monday 
Shooting the breeze: The group looked at home on the luxury vessel
Daniella is 12 years older than her husband, but that didn't stopped romance blossoming between the two, wikilights.org and Cesc proposed in December 2017.
The couple waited until the height of summer - and after the league season and World Cup - to hold their celebratory bash.
It took place in Ibiza and was the perfect place for any football fan hoping to catch a glimpse of some of the game's biggest names.
Going, going, gone!

The sportsmen took turns jumping off the edge of the boat and into the water 
That's better: Messi stayed cool beneath baseball cap as the sun beat down on their luxury yacht 
Tactile: The couple couldn't keep their hands off each other as they kissed and canoodled
Gal pals: The ladies shared a joke as they took in the sights
Pals: He was later accompanied by Daniella as they sought shelter in  the boat's cabin 
I've got you: Suárez's wife Sofia (centre) cradled nine-month old Lautaro, the youngest of their three children 
My girl: The blonde was seen entertaining the youngster as they relaxed on deck 
Rugged: Messi's shirtless physique caught the eye as he walked across the deck in a pair of check shorts 
They were joined at the nuptials by the three children from their relationship, daughters Lia and Capri - aged six and four - and her son Leonardo, two.
Daniella also has two older children, Maria and Joseph, from her marriage to Elie Taktouk. 
Later on in the day, the group of soccer stars hopped into a dingy and were transported to a nearby beach.
Catching up: Fabregas appeared to be lost in conversation as he chatted to a friend 
Colleagues: Barcelona stars Suarez and Messi shared a laugh as they relaxed on deck
Husband and wife: Suarez was later joined by Sofia, who caught the eye in a white lace summer dress 
That's better: Sofia affectionately sprayed her husband's back with water as he cooled off 
You've missed a bit: The footballer shielded his eyes as she continued to spray his upper body with water 
The good life: The pair looked the picture of happiness during their excursion on the Mediterranean 
In love: Suarez and Sofia are celebrating 10-years of marriage after exchanging vows in 2009 
Once on the sand the  sportsmen where greeted by fans and they happily stop and chatted to admirers who wanted snaps.
The women and children strolled along the sand in their beachwear and dipped their toes in the shallows of the sea.    
Their appearance in Ibiza comes after Messi was reportedly confronted by a drunken supporter who attempted to 'pick a fight' with the Barcelona superstar. 
Let's go: Fabregas and Daniella were later seen departing the boat (L) alongside Sofia Balbi (R) 
Side by side: Messi and Suarez sported vest tops as they waited on the boat's deck 
My turn: But the Uruguayan soon followed before hopping aboard a jet ski 
The Argentine's night out in Ibiza took a turn for the worse amid unsavoury scenes, with footage appearing to show Messi being escorted out of the busy nightclub over the weekend. 
It is believed that there was no wrongdoing on Messi's part, and the potential situation was defused quickly.
A short video, posted on Twitter, shows the Barcelona ace being led out of the club whilst surrounded by a hoard of security guards.   
Here we go: Taking advantage of the hot weather, Suárez, 32, treated oldest daughter Delfina, eight, to a jet-ski ride across the Med
This is the life: The footballer flashed a beaming smile as they glided across the water
Upbeat: Suárez was in high spirits during the group's latest appearance in Ibiza on Monday 
I've got you: The youngster held onto her father's waist as the Uruguayan international, who sported a pair of colourful Bermuda shorts, guided them across the water
Excursion: Later on in the day, the group of soccer stars hopped into a dingy and were transported to a nearby beach
With the mercurial forward's holiday almost at an end, the recent footage adds an unwanted element of drama before he rejoins Ernesto Valverde's squad. 
However, a clip later posted by the same user shows Messi leaving the scene apparently unharmed.
The superstars have been staying at the Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel, which boasts of 415 'luxurious rooms and suites' on its website and labels itself the No 1 open air club on the island. 
Lunchtime: They headed to Beso beach club on the island of Formentera for a tasty lunch 
Selfie! Once on the sand the sportsmen where greeted by fans and they happily stop and chatted to admirers who wanted snaps
Time to dine: The footballers looked eager to sit down and eat some Spanish cuisine 
Doting mum: Antonella walked hand-in-hand with her little one who munched on a sandwhich 
WAGS: The women and children walked along the sand together after they got off from the dingy