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Article Submitting interface is confusing and visit us rather complicated for novice users and users not used to Joomla interface. There are some features that are not needed in a regular article based website. For instance the whole mosimage concept is merely a pain for Information technology a regular user, since no webmaster in the right mind would allow any user to upload media on their server. Also the whole image embedding concept that Joomla uses is not very intuitive for Creative ideas the first time user.

It was the day of publication. Everything was ready except the editor's part. She asked me to send her what was ready and she would add her part. Here's the deal, she doesn't care as much about making it look good as I do. She won't take the time to tweak it into visual balance. She will leave gapping white spaces on the front page. I would have preferred she send the copy for NL technique me to insert so I could take the time to make it not perfect, read here but as well balanced as I could. I had to let go of the outcome.

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